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in y(our) hood. 

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About Dr. Rae - 
Owner/Principal Consultant

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Dr. Sherrae M. Mack (formerly: Hayes), known as "Dr. Rae", completed her Ph.D. in African American and African Studies at Michigan State University (MSU) in May of 2015 coupled with a graduate certification in Urban Education (MSU - College of Education).


Her professional experience includes integrative consulting and student affairs administration in the area(s) of critical approaches to youth engagement, community engagement, and community branding - specifically in under-resourced communities. Through both her teaching efforts and professional efforts, Dr. Mack specializes in integrating strategies of self-sustainability, cooperative economics, intergenerational work, and youth knowledge as vehicles for citizen-centered change.


Her professional timeline includes her most recent position at Xavier University as the Director for the Center for Diversity & Inclusion. Previously, she served as Visiting Campus and Community Lecturer in Black Studies at Cleveland State University, the Inaugural Chief Strategic Developer for the VIP Scholars Retention Program at UCLA, as well as previous roles at Michigan State University, the Smithsonian, and the City College of New York.


She earned her Master's Degree in Africana Studies from New York University in January of2010. Dr. Mack is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, a proud graduate of Glenville High School (2004), and a dedicated alumna of Tennessee State University where she obtained her B.A. - Speech Communications degree in May 2008. She adores her husband, Corey E. Mack, Sr. and her three cool children: Corey Jr., Cassie, and Courtland. 

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